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Identify Your Goals

A few simple questions can really pinpoint whether you need to declutter a social media account or get rid of it altogether. Identifying what you want from social media and evaluating the profiles you own can help clarify how and why you use the platform, whether it’s adding value to your life or distracting you from things that do. · What do you want your social media to do for you? · Which channels are most important? Why? · Is it worth the time invested in creating and sharing content? · Is this a channel people are invested in? · Do you enjoy using this channel? If not, why are you using it?

Brand Check

Simplifying your online life starts with you. Whether you’re a person or a business, brand checking your account is all about projecting who you are and why you’re there. These simple checks will ensure people know exactly what you do, what you share online, what type of people you’re likely to engage with, and the content you’re interested in seeing. Make sure the image you’re projecting is a genuine representation of who you are, you’re more likely to attract people who interest you and content that appeals to you. Double check your: · Profile image · Bio and description · Cover image · Shared URL or icons · Previously shared content

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